About Me


First question I’d like to answer, “Why do you have a picture of a cartoon tram on your blog?” The answer to that question starts with my Name, Toby. Growing up as a child you naturally make connections to things that carry your name. When I was growing up I had many choices, Toby Jug, Toby Anstis, my friends Dog Toby. Although they were all good associations my personal favourite was Toby the Tram, from Thomas the Tank engine, which is the cartoon tram seen on my blog and twitter icon.

Rather than grow up to work on the railways instead I became a professional software tester. Since 2007 I’ve been working in the testing industry across different companies. Initially working with software testing consultancies such as AppLabs and ROQ IT the consultancy world gave me good opportunity to work with varied clients such as Shop Direct Group(Retail), National Trust(Charity) and Nationwide(Finance). It also meant that I got to work with some awesome people.

Currently I’m working for a Finance Company in London helping them in their transformation to more agile practices. This is a varied role from hands on testing, coaching developers on testing and helping to build automation capabilities.

I’m a social person so no doubt you’ll see me around here and there at meet ups or conferences. Some people might say you’ll hear me before you see me but if you do, please don’t run away.

Anyway, that’s enough, hope you like my blog and if you want to discuss any of the topics leave a comment, tweet me or drop me an email.


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